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能狗Ea万博matext手机官网t Turkey? What You Need To Know!

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这是感恩节,每个人都聚集在家里,为您的所有装饰盛宴。之后,你看一下所有剩菜,并想知道你是否可以用最好的朋友分享一下。The short answer is that turkey can be safe for your dog if served the right way,但如果你用对你的宠物有问题的成分准备它,它可能最安全。




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Many people eat turkey as a low-fat alternative to chicken or beef. A 100-gram serving of白色火鸡肉contains 50% less fat than the same amount of白鸡肉。土耳其也是甚至超过的蛋白质的优秀来源推荐的每日津贴for adult dogs.

Turkey has no carbs or sugar. It’s a rich source of magnesium, potassium, and other vital nutrients. All this information makes a strong case for giving your dog this food. But we are talking about plain turkey breast that doesn’t have any fancy rubs, condiments, or sauces. It also doesn’t have any skin.

请注意,一克这样的100克土耳其地面contains over 10 grams of fat. That pushes it close to the recommended 13.8 grams of fat for dogs, according to the nutrient profile of the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Feeding your pet a high-fat diet is a major risk factor for obesity and胰腺炎。Even one meal is enough to trigger an acute bout of this serious health condition. Symptoms include:

  • Lethargy
  • 恶心
  • Vomiting
  • 脱水
  • 腹痛






That’s one reason that we strongly urge you to pick up your宠物的罐头食品30分钟后。它在40‰-140‰的危险区域坐下来的时间越长,收缩的沙门氏菌的机会越大。当然,喂养你的狗原料饲料同样不安全。CDC和呢美国兽医医学协会建议宠物主人反对给他们的宠物这些食物。





  • 牛肉
  • 小麦
  • Pork
  • Corn
  • 酱油

When your dog eats a trigger food, their body responds with an inappropriate immune response. Symptoms typically include:

  • Itching
  • Hair loss
  • Excessive licking
  • 耳朵感染
  • 严重病例的过敏性休克


Food Intolerances


A possible adverse reaction to turkey involves a food intolerance to the meat. This means that a certain foodstuff doesn’t agree with your dog. The symptoms typically involve GI symptoms. Comparable human illnesses include celiac disease. Allergy symptoms often happen abruptly. Intolerance signs may come after your dog has started digesting their meal.



Turkey is an alternative to other meats and is highly nutritious without the excess fat that you may find in other foods.必不可少的是只给你的狗皮肤和无骨白的白肉,即你已经准备好了。Poaching or baking are excellent methods that won’t add to its fat content.

That said, we suggest that you think carefully about whether you want to give this food to your pup. It can interfere with your pet getting all the other nutrients that they need.


Featured Image Credit: Jay Ondreicka, Shutterstock

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